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Stephanie Wörz
Written by Stephanie Wörz

Anonymous / transparent reviews

Anonymous or non-anonymous comments

Anonymous mode

In the anonymous mode the data of the employees are pseudonymised, so that no conclusions can be drawn about the person evaluating them.

However, there is one exception: In the message box, employees can specify whether they want to give their feedback anonymously or transparently - even if the company initially selected anonymous mode.

Transparent mode

In the transparent mode, the employee's clear name is displayed for each rating. The data can be analyzed on personal level.

Changing the mode 

Changing an existing mode (transparent to anonymous or vice versa) can only be done by our support team.

A change from transparent to anonymous can be carried out at any time. Please note that all existing data will be anonymized.

A change from anonymous mode to transparent mode can only be made after deletion of all collected ratings.

To change your company account, simply write us at support@company-mood.com and we will carry it out immediately.