Stephanie Wörz
Written by Stephanie Wörz

Anonymity settings

Depending on the corporate culture, CompanyMood can be used transparently or anonymously. The selected type of mood evaluation is displayed to all participants in the evaluation mask.

Dashboard - companies

We have added the possibility to adjust the anonymity settings according to the required standard.Our current anonymity standard is already sufficient and requires a mininum team size of five people, to show the mood review results on department / team level. To fullfil even higher requirements, we have added the possibility to not only increase the minimum team size, but also decide after how much reviews the results are shown.

So you can decide that you need a minimum team size of six people and would like to start the displaying of results when mininum three people have responded. In case you would like to change this settings for higher requirements, please contact our team.

Please note that is will be not possible to decrease the minimum team size of five people. This way we can guarantee to deliver best possible anonymity for your employees.

Dashboard - employees

It is also possible to make the evaluation details of the respective department and the display of the top five topics in this department visible or invisible on the staff dashboard. This setting cannot be made by the employees themselves, but must be made by the administrators, supervisors or department managers.