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Stephanie Wörz
Written by Stephanie Wörz

The evaluation frequency

Settings for frequency and request of evaluations

Mood ratings can be performed at different intervals. You can choose from:

  •    daily evaluations
  •    weekly evaluations (from1-3 weeks)
  •    monthly evaluations (from 1-3 months)

In the company settings under notification settings administrators decide on which days and at what time the employees receive the request and the reminder for the mood evaluation.

Dispatch method - request for mood evaluation

The notifications are sent via email and push messages (app) in the default settings. Alternatively, an integration into Slack (CompanyMood offered EVA) can also send the mood rating to the employees via slack chat.

Our recommendation

Select the frequency with regard to existing capacities. Feedback only makes sense for all participants if improvements are also implemented.

A medium frequency (once a month) is a good way to approach the processing of feedback and get a feeling for CompanyMood. A high frequency (daily, weekly) provides quick insights and enables prompt action.