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Stephanie Wörz
Written by Stephanie Wörz

I forgot my password

The procedure for renewing your password

When logging in, the old password no longer works and may have been forgotten? It's no big deal. In a few steps the password can be renewed by email. 

To do this, just click on the 'Forgot password'- link in the login screen. After entering your email address, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. This leads directly to the input mask for the new password.

Entering a new password does not work, why?

There is usually a simple reason entering a new password that does not work. This is due to a missing confirmation of the account or an adblocker.

If there are problems creating a new password or logging in afterwards, it should be ensured that:

  • your account has been activated by clicking on the confirmation link (email after the first login to CompanyMood)
  • your first and last name were entered at the first registration (mandatory field)
  • no adblocker or similar plugins are activated

If these steps are not successful, our support will be happy to help you.