Stephanie Wörz
Written by Stephanie Wörz

What is the survey system?

Creating surveys and obtaining relevant information and real-time evaluations

With the CompanyMood survey system, existing employee surveys can be transferred or individual questionnaires can be created. This makes employee feedback in CompanyMood even more meaningful and is supplemented by additional tools such as regular surveys. Whether two questions or ten, your company determines which surveys are created and which feedback is collected.

Create a questionnaire

A questionnaire contains all desired questions. The answer categories can be selected as required and adjusted with additional settings. CompanyMood offers the following categories:

  •   scale (numeric or free text)
  •   rating (stars)
  •   free text
  •   multiple or single choice
  •   date, numbers
  •   yes / no

Here is an example of a numeric scale:

Flexible employee surveys over time

Surveys are used to collect a wide variety of information. How was the summer celebration? How is the canteen food? How is the communication between departments? While some employee surveys should only be asked once, others should be repeated every six months so the results can be compared. We offer the option to choose from days, weeks, months and even years to repeat surveys regularly.

To start a survey, you first need a questionnaire.

Employee surveys that are fun

During the development of the survey system, we make sure the creation and processing of the surveys are simply fun.

Survey results can be extracted in real time and via PDF export.

Surveys at role and device level

Surveys can be controlled at department, role or device level and can therefore only be sent separately to department managers or employees. The differentiation according to devices makes it possible to use surveys either via web or app version or (exclusively) to send them to a terminal (tablet) on which individual surveys can be placed (events, restaurant, meeting rooms).