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Markus Schwed
Written by Markus Schwed

Add Microsoft Teams integration

Let your team rate their mood and topics directly in MS Teams

With our MS Teams integration, the mood baromter (mood and topics) can be rated directly in MS Teams. This will boost the participation by making the login process obsolete.

To start asking your teams directly in MS Teams, please follow these steps:

1. Download our app manifest from our integration page

Download our app manifest from our integration page or here: https://app.company-mood.com/ms_teams_manifests/CompanyMood.zip

2. Add the app manifest to your MS Teams Apps

  1. Go to https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/policies/manage-apps and select "Upload new app"

Select the just downloaded manifest file and upload

3. Add the CompanyMood Bot EVA (for Evaluation) to your team

Add the CompanyMood bot to one of your teams by clicking on "Apps" and then click on "CompanyMood"

then click on "Add" and "Add to team"

In the following modal, select the team you want to add the CompanyMood bot for and click "Add bot"

And.... you're done! 🥳

From now on, when it's time for your employees, to track their mood *or* when they send "start mood tracking" to Eva, the CompanyMood Bot, the mood evaluation will start.