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Markus Schwed
Written by Markus Schwed

How to create a new CompanyMood company account

Here, you'll learn how to start with a new company mood account

At first, you can create a new account by clicking on "Free trial" on top of https://www.company-mood.com or directly visit https://app.company-mood.com/users/sign_up

Now, you'll see following formular

Here, you fill out your salutation, first name, last name, email address and your password and confirm the given password.

Accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions and click "Sign up"

After successful registration, you'll get to the CompanyMood system, where you will see the following company creation wizard.

Click on "I would like to create a new company account" to start company account creation.

This will lead to the next step, where you enter all needed company profile data like name, default time zone, default locale and so on.

Info: All users can change the time zone and locale according to their location and preferences.

After clicking "Continue" you'll get to the next step where you can decide, what mode you want to use at your company.

More details about the different modes, you'll find in this article.

After mode selection, click "Continue" to get to the next step where you can enter your first participant emails which you want to invite. (you can invite way more employees later on in the user management)

Congratulations, after clicking "Continue" you're done with the creation of your CompanyMood company account.